The Launch September 27 2012

launch 1 |lôn ch; län ch |verb [ trans. ]1 set (a boat) in motion by pushing it or allowing it to roll into the water : the town's lifeboat was launched to rescue the fishermen.• set (a newly built ship or boat) afloat for the first time, typically as part of an official ceremony : The concept of Old Salt has been in our minds for years and would still be just part of our active imaginations if we hadn't just started moving forward one day. This past May we began talking about finally starting Old Salt, and before long we were taste testing and collaborating with potential suppliers. We had a logo designed. We even dreamed up packaging concepts. We sort of cruised along in the light air, with no particular deadlines, until we got a call that really lit the fire—the  US Sailboat Show had booth space for us. The show is in Annapolis and runs Oct. 4-8, 2012. What to do? Jump in, obviously. Now it's the end of September and our boxes have been shipped. A commercial kitchen has been rented. Tea tins have been labeled. Prints ads are about to hit magazines. This website launches. We are as ready as we'll ever be. No more day dreaming. Bon voyage!